Plan a trip


Plan a Trip

Click on one of the links in the menu to the left to find out what steps to take to plan a trip.  Here is a synopsis of each of those links.

“Plan the Flight“: Clients have full control of arranging their own flight.  While several online travel companies are referenced in this link, the list is not exhaustive.  Clients should feel free to arrange their travel by any means they wish, through any agency they wish.

“Plan the hotel“: While the hotel will be automatically arranged based on which procedure(s) the client seeks (some hotels are closer to different facilities), the client may still request a specific hotel from those listed on this link if they desire.  They need only make their choice known prior to departure.  Only 4 and 5-star hotels are utilized by our affiliates, each luxurious and beautiful, mostly all being in high-interest areas or in areas having a rich history in this ancient city.

“Plan on site-seeing“: This page contains many links, primarily to amateur videos from people doing and seeing all the amazing things in Istanbul.  Some videos are suggested so clients may understand more of the culture.  Remember – Istanbul is not the Middle East, it touches both Asia and Europe, and therefore has its own rich culture, fantastic foods, and ancient locations to see…tourists are never disappointed.  Remember, Istanbul boasts 60 million visitors each year – New York: 54 million.  It truly is a world hub.

“Review/purchase Medical Tourism Insurance“: This page touches on exactly that – the value of insurance.  Since the GHA believes in offsetting as much risk as possible for medical tourists, this page should be reviewed by every client, and the value of such insurance discussed with a GHA Client Service Representative.  While the final decision for utilizing insurance rests with the client, an education in what the policy offers should first be attained in order to make an informed decision.

Some of our clients are familiar with traveling outside of the U.S., and some are not.  Regardless of the client’s level of travel expertise, GHA Client Service Reps stand ready to assist in answering any questions related to travel abroad.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions arising after reviewing all of the material at these links.

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