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Support Wounded Warriors



A personal note from the founder of the Global Health Alliance:


Having retired after almost 25 years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force, I am honored to have served alongside many fine men and women both at home and abroad.  I’ve always believed my service to my country would not end once I put up my uniform at the end of my career – but begin anew.  Now that I have transitioned to civilian life, it is time to begin a new chapter of service.

Personally, my dedication to service was not only given in support of my country and countrymen, but also to support my citizen brothers and sisters-in-arms.  Because of the many years of hazardous work performed throughout multiple combat zones, spanning now over two decades of war, I hold my comrades in the highest regard, not only for those who paid the highest price, but especially for those who still bear the wounds of their service, and will so for their remaining life.

Because I wish to honor our wounded warriors who have sacrificed so much, I pledge my support, and the support of my company, the Global Health Alliance, to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Today, part of our support takes the form of dedicating a percentage portion of the Global Health Alliance profits straight to the Project with the intention of expanding that support in several other ways as our company expands from its humble beginnings.



Jeff Persinger, MSgt USAF (Retired)