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Dental Procedures

The safety, comfort and quality of having any form of dental procedures completed in Istanbul easily compares with the same work being done in the United States.  Our clients have the fullest range of dental services available, to include Oral Surgery, Implantology, Prosthetics, etc.  While the price of treatment is up to 70% less compared to costs within the U.S., please note the following additional benefits apply:

We utilize the first private dental clinic with certified with ISO 9001:2008 through the TÜV and American JCI Certification

Please read about the importance of the ISO 9001:2008 certification on our FAQs page

English interpreters available for the client’s convenience, though our dentists speak English
5 year warranty on all dental procedures  provided by the dental clinic itself*

Note: *when applicable – to be discussed with the dentist during examination/consult

Treatments provided only by qualified senior doctors

Seven of our highly qualified dentists also hold the title of Professor

The most modern dental procedures are available
Exclusive use of the best materials from renowned, highly trusted manufacturers

Implants: ITI Dental Implant System and Nobel Biocare from pure titanium is used
10 year warranty on implants

Upon requesting an appointment for any dental services, GHA will:

coordinate between our client(s) and the Istanbul dental clinic for any exchange of information required for treatment plan and cost estimate generation
organize appointments with the dental team based on our client’s requirements
manage hotel accommodations
ensure an English translator is present for any appointment(s), though most doctors speak English
arrange private chauffeur service to and from the airport as well as to and from all appointments

Arranging treatment for pre-existing dental conditions:

Many clients have pre-existing dental conditions for which they may seek treatment.  To enable the GHA to arrange the most accurate treatment schedules and price quotes for dental treatment in Istanbul, we may request a copy of the treatment and cost plan from our client’s local dentist with the corresponding X-Rays (panoramic radio-graph / OPG).  To digitize any X-ray for transfer to the GHA Representatives, please click here for imaging services.

Our Customer Service representatives will assist and advise each client individually during our coordinative efforts.  Once received, the GHA representative will pass the files to the dental team in Istanbul.  This coordination takes one business day once all required information is provided to our representative.  After this time, our client will be informed of the expected treatment plan, to include a price estimation, and expected length of stay in Istanbul.  It is after this stage that our client will have enough knowledge to decide whether or not they will pursue treatment through the Istanbul clinic.

Our highly skilled teams allow our clients to receive any required dental treatment(s) in Istanbul as easily and as comfortably as they would find using a dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon located in their own home town.  All necessary details are discussed in advance with a focus on fulfilling individual needs during treatment.

Only for GHA customers:

Pre-existing conditions (as mentioned above) aside, clients may wish to seek a normal dental consult at our clinic (e.g. a normal annual check-up and cleaning).  If this is the case, GHA clients have the benefit of the following:  The Istanbul dental clinic will take panoramic imaging of our client’s teeth, analyze each individual dental condition, and then advise on any required dental procedures(s) – free of charge and without obligation. This is an immediate saving of approximately $130.

For further information on dental procedures:

The level of education and experience of our dental teams, as well as the high-quality services available at our dental clinic in Istanbul is equal with the highest U.S. standards and practices.  For additional information about dental procedures and services, to include oral surgery, please contact us here, or via email  or by calling one of our Client Service Reps at our toll-free line at 1-844-4ADMIRE (844-423-6473).

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