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 Hair Transplants – Turkey

Our team performs more Hair Transplants in Turkey than any other!

Why our team and facility is chosen by more clients:

  • We utilize only American JCI Certified locations in which to perform our procedures, which means our facilities maintain the same medical standards as American hospitals
  • Our facility is TÜV Rhineland inspected and certified
  • Our facility is TÜV Certified DIN ISO 9001: 2008 (this means past customer service is independently verified and guaranteed by a third party – the German TÜV – and is rated “Excellent”)
  • We operate with our Turkish team with exclusivity and pre-negotiated pricing, keeping costs down – a benefit passed to our clients: and our services provided to our clients is free!
  • Free consultation on all aspects of the trip
  • Free price estimation on any procedure inquired upon
  • All of our specialists are highly educated, certified to practice in their home country, and experienced in the fine art of transplanting hair with style; each specialist was only selected to be a team member after careful vetting, and each member comes highly qualified
  • Complete transparency in our process with all questions being addressed prior to surgery
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Today, with a basic hair transplant utilizing 3,000 graphs, adding the cost of a $1200 airline ticket, the price of a hair transplant by our team is just under $4000 (exchange rates vary day to day)…
  • Options available for FUE hair transplants in Turkey include PRP and a “gold package”, if desired

Most of our clients have spent a great amount of time researching before making the final determination of who will perform their hair transplant – and rightfully so.  At GHA, we realize our clients have only one head of hair and they want to ensure the greatest chance of success with any procedure.  Because of this, we understand there must be a level of trust developed among us, our clients, and our hair transplant specialists.  This is also why we utilize only American JCI certified hospitals as well as processes certified by TÜV Rhineland, to include ISO 9001: 2008.  Please ensure in your investigations that you understand exactly why those two certifications plus the TÜV ISO 9001: 2008 are so important!  In fact, 77% of hair transplant recipients utilize testimonials before determining who will perform their procedure, the truth is that testimonials may be faked, hand selected (so negative reports are hidden) and other such bad practices.  More is explained here…

The certifications of JCI, and  TÜV ISO 9001: 2008 should not be overlooked or underestimated.  It is, especially, the ISO certification which proves that our affiliates have received an “Excellent” rating for their past performance in Customer Satisfaction.  The internationally recognized TÜV is a third-party, unbiased agency, which has contacted a large number of past clients who have utilized our affiliate’s services and clinics, then surveys them to ensure they were satisfied…and more.  It is a “continuous process” and periodically happens at random.  No “false” testimonials can ever be introduced and so our affiliates exceed the standard!  After inspection, a rating is provided: our affiliates were given a rating of “Excellent”, which is the highest rating.  They have been reinspected numerous times, but always receive the highest rating!

This method of certification ensures our clients know they are in good hands.  While our competitors most likely hand-select only their most positive testimonials to advertise on their web page, our affiliates are inspected by the TÜV and have a guarantee of past satisfaction – and so this is superior to others’ hand-selected testimonials.  In exchange forTÜV certification – neither we nor our affiliates may utilize testimonials, which is considered as an “unfair business practice” (by German statute) and if found to be advertising testimonials the TÜV will revoke the certification.  Given that such a large percentage of people seeking a hair transplant actually utilize testimonials before making their decision, it may seem strange to not utilize them, but consider the assurance of quality only GHA provides.  The fact still remains – the hair transplant team we utilize provides more hair transplants than any other team in Turkey.  Our service and processes differ from all of our competitors because we ensure Quality Assurance while our competitors do not – so utilizing certifications such as what the TÜV provides is superior in all ways to our competitors hand-picking only their best testimonials.  This is how we can offer more guarantees than any other facilitator!

All of these things combined is what makes our hair restoration facility the #1 hair transplant team in Turkey.  When our clients recognize our quality – they look no further than our front door.  It is because of this careful consideration given to our process that our affiliate members have completed thousands of successful hair transplants since beginning in 2008.

The benefits our clients receive through our GHA affiliates:

Comprehensive advice before, during and after any medical examination or procedure
Hair transplantation with the latest equipment and technology – utilizing only the FUE method
Chauffeur service arranged from/to airport, and from hotel to all appointments

No need to ever take a taxi or public transport unless off site-seeing

English translation services available during appointments, though most doctors speak English
Blood Tests and laboratory costs included in price
Medical care directly from the dedicated hair transplant team
Overnight stay at the hair clinic (post operative stay) plus 4 or 5-star hotel accommodations
Receive medications and special hair shampoo used after the procedure
Clients receive a  great guarantee from the hospital on the transplanted hair – more of which can be read about in on our Guarantee page
No hidden charges – guaranteed

How to get started

As with all other Medical Tourism Facilitators, to start the process one must merely contact us.  First, if a prospective client has further questions regarding any part of the hair transplant process, they should call one of our Client Service Representatives, toll-free at: 1-844-4ADMIRE (844-423-6473).  All contact methods, however, can be found on ourcontact us page.

Pictures Required

The client should ensure they attach three pictures of themselves when requesting a cost estimate.

1. The first picture should show the front of their forehead at the hairline (the angle should be slightly above the face and pointed down to the forehead)

2. The second picture taken directly above their heads (bird’s eye view), pointed downwards towards the crown, to show the top and rear of their head

3. The third picture should be taken from the side, as a typical profile picture is taken

It is with these pictures that our specialists will make an estimate determination on how many donor hairs will be required, and also be able to provide a cost estimate.  Final determination on both treatment plan and number of graphs required must be determined, however, in person at the clinic.  A scanning device is used by the doctor in order to check the hair density of the donor hair.  Other variables are discussed at the clinic as well, though there are very few surprises to our experienced team and rare, if ever, cost adjustments.

After receiving all required information, GHA representatives will pass the files to the hair transplantation team in Istanbul who will examine them, design a treatment plan, and generate a price estimation.  The coordination takes only 24 hours once all information is provided to our representative.  After this time, our client will be informed of the expected treatment plan, to include the price quote, and expected length of stay in Istanbul.  Note that 99% of all hair transplants require only 4 days/3 night stay.  It is after this stage that our client decides whether or not they will pursue treatment through our Istanbul facilities and accept the treatment plan and cost estimate.

Once the client decides to go ahead with treatment based on the proposed schedule for a hair transplant, these are the next steps:

The client should (optionally) discuss their desire to obtain a hair transplant with their Primary Care Manager for their feedback
The client should then ensure they have a valid Passport
Complete all forms required by GHA in order for the Rep to arrange medical treatment by our affiliates (i.e. medical history etc.)
Purchase and airline ticket to Istanbul: there are two airports and while either can be used, the commute to the hotels may be faster if flying into the Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW), though flying through to Atatürk International Airport (IST)
Provide a copy of the itinerary to the GHA Reps via the email address “” so they can begin making the arrangements with the hotel, driver, and healthcare facilities
Inform GHA Reps of any change of status (i.e. if the trip is canceled)

GHA will then:

Organize the appointments with the hair transplantation team based on our client’s requirements
Manage hotel accommodations as required by the client
Arrange pickup from the airport by an English-speaking driver

The drivers are always available to chauffeur clients between airports, hotels and appointments

Ensure an English translator is present for all appointments; though most doctors speak English

Our highly skilled hospital staff allows our clients to receive a hair transplant in Istanbul as easily and as comfortably as they would find using a similar facility located in their own home town.  All necessary details are discussed in advance with a focus on fulfilling individual needs during treatment.

As part of their package, each client will receive 3 nights of accommodation: the first night in a hotel (with breakfast), the second (post-operative) at the clinic and with full catering, and the third night back in the hotel (again with breakfast).

An approximate pricing guide for FUE hair transplants, each hair restoration procedure includes 3 overnight stays, medications, and special hair shampoo.

As with most of our competitors, the cost of a hair transplant in our offices in Istanbul is relative to the number of transplanted grafts required added with the client’s desired travel options. Here is an overview of the approximate costs for a hair transplant.

Hair transplant of 1500 Grafts: Fixed price 1,850€
Hair transplant of 1500 – 2000 Grafts: Fixed price 2,000€
Hair transplant of 2000 – 2500 Grafts: Fixed price 2,100€
Hair transplant of 2500 – 3000 Grafts: Fixed price 2,250€

Note1: Prices are in Euro due to hospital billing practices.  Today’s exchange rate is found here.

Note2: Final prices are determined after an in-person consult and examination

Contact us for more information

For more information about FUE hair transplants with GHA, please go to our Contact Us form or call us at 1-844-4ADMIRE (844-423-6473).  Our Client Service Reps stand ready to answer all questions, and take care of all arrangements for our clients should they decide to use our service.

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