Why Choose Cross-Border Surgeries?

What sets us apart from our competition?
  Two words: Due diligence!

While the idea of saving money may be what initially prompts our clients to seek health or dental care outside of the U.S., in the end – saving money is never, at heart, the main consideration.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Health is the first wealth” and I think we may all agree no one wants to squander any remaining health they have by trusting just any medical facilitator company.  When seeking a medical travel facilitator, our clients figure out very quickly that what sets the CBS apart is our concern for their well-being.  We show this by making our core focus on managing all associated risks for anyone seeking cross-border health or dental care.  It is what drives our company vision, philosophy, and core values and it’s just something the founder of this company believes in.

To understand many of the risks associated with traveling to a foreign country, consider the questions which should be of importance when arranging travel details with a medical facilitator company:

How safe is the country to which the client will travel? How safe is the city?

Istanbul is known to be one of the safest cities in the world, residing in one of the safest countries in the world, Turkey. Roughly 98% of all crime is considered “petty larceny” and is non-violent.  The country of Turkey is not without its challenges, but Istanbul itself is far removed from all turmoil and is a fantastic place where over 60 million visitors and tourists, each year, safely explore to their heart’s desire.

The client lands at the airport in their destination country: how do they get to their hotel? Do they take a taxi?  Does the cabby speak English?  Is the driver trustworthy?  Will the client feel comfortable or even be safe?

The GHA utilizes an affiliate member’s private driving service, having great vehicles driven by vetted chauffeurs whose duty it is to keep our clients safe, assisting them in every way. Our drivers speak English and are there to pick the clients up from the airport, bring them to the hotel, take them to their appointments, and when complete with their journey - bring them back to the airport.

What proof is there that the hospital is safe, maintain high standards, and that the doctors are trained, certified and experienced?

All hospitals utilized by CBS have been inspected and certified by the American Joint Commission International (JCI). Understanding this is a key point because it sets such hospitals apart from those that do not have such certification.  This is because a JCI certification equates to that hospital and staff maintaining American standards in healthcare.  Understanding the value of a JCI certification is of the highest importance and should be read about by anyone travelling outside the U.S. for any medical care.  Clicking on the hyperlink will bring the reader to the JCI webpage FAQs where a greater understanding on their entire certification process can be found.

What proof is there that the facilities used are safe, up to statutory code, and modern?

In addition to utilizing only JCI certified facilities, the CBS ensures their facilities are also certified safe and meet all statutory compliance. It is for this reason we seek out facilities having the TÜV Rheinland certification.  How does this manage the risk of our clients?  Because it guarantees the highest level of qualitative care can be found in our facilities.  We ask any prospective client to verify with competing medical facilitators as to whether or not their facilities have this certification.

What is better than reading hand-selected, positive testimonials from previous clients of a medical facilitator? What proof is there that the facilities and staff are highly regarded by a majority of previous clients?

The CBS ensures the facilities they utilize are certified by the German TÜV for ISO 9001:2008. That is the German equivalent to (or, truly, better than) the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.  This standard is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement.  Because our facilities have been granted this certification, it is now considered an unfair business practice for us to utilize personal testimonials in marketing or advertising.  If we use testimonials in advertising our associate members’ facilities – they will lose their ISO 9001:2008 certification!  To understand the value in receiving this certification we ask any prospective client to understand that past customer satisfaction is guaranteed by this certification.  The TÜV inspectors physically contact previous hospital patients and ascertain their level of satisfaction.  Where unscrupulous medical facilitators most certainly will hand-pick and advertise only positive testimonials for their marketing, our clients can rest assured that GHA facilities are certified as having an extremely high customer satisfaction, with much positive feedback, because of their ISO 9001: 2008 certification.  This again puts us far above our competition but limits the way we can market and advertise.

What advice should a medical facilitator provide on follow-up care, especially in the event a medical procedure goes awry?

In today’s world, not even the best hospital, doctor, or certification in the world can guarantee there will not be the chance of problems developing after a medical procedure is complete. There is always associated risk with any medical procedure.  One well-established method of handling such risk is through the proper use of insurance.  The CBS always recommends, and offers a choice between, forms of insurance specifically designed to offset the risks of receiving cross-border health and/or dental care.  This will be discussed with each client so an informed decision can be made in each case.

The above articles are but a sample of how the CBS mitigates the risk to their clients.  Again, our goal at the Cross-Border Surgeries is to ensure our clients have a safe and comfortable experience where all risk-factors have been addressed and mitigated to the fullest extent.  That is what sets the CBS team apart from its competitors – because risk management is what we do before even one surgery is coordinated!  Our focus on providing treatment at only the highest certified and inspected facilities as well as at greatly reduced costs – puts us in a class above the rest.  Through the use of certified facilities and offsetting other risk factors through the offer of insurance, as well as providing trustworthy, private transportation, we provide a level of trustworthiness like no other medical facilitator company.

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