The GHA Vision and Core Values

Our founder, Jeff Persinger, was confronted with a dilemma while working for three years in a remote, overseas location.  Both he and many of his co-workers were contracted personnel and because of this had very limited healthcare options while deployed to the middle of nowhere.  Many of his associates wanted to turn towards receiving healthcare outside of the United States but just weren’t sure where to go.  It came down to not knowing who to trust.  At that time, researching medical tourism via the internet provided little trust in any medical facilitator, and few facilitators, if any, projected any real message other than “use us and you’ll save money”.  None of them provided the transparency that was desired, but mainly – none provided any qualification for being considered as experts in their field outside of simple, marketing hype.  They felt like “super travel agents”, not agencies that knew anything about the hospitals and doctors they were willing to send their clients to.  And most definitely, none advertised that they had a process focused on managing their client’s risk!  Finding help online should have been far, far easier…

Whether it was just bad marketing by the medical facilitators they reviewed, a lack of quality medical facilitators, or just lack of choices in general – Jeff decided he’d address those perceived problems in his own way.  His background as an Cyber Security “Risk Manager”, coupled with his nearly 25 years of active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a detail–oriented, process developer and Risk Manager, gave him a unique perspective on the risks associated with cross-border healthcare.  Jeff address the shortfalls he found and he did it in a way no other medical facilitators had ever done.  He went to the white-board, talked the ears off of several hundred people, read countless pages of material on the subject – and several months later his concept was completely developed.  Mr. Persinger conceived the concept for the Global Health Alliance LLC and gave it this vision:

Always provide the best customer service experience in the industry, minimize all risks associated with cross-border medical and dental care…and do it all on a foundation of sincerity, compassion and empathy.

And this is how he intended to do it:

Limit associated medical and dental procedural risks through the use of highest level of available certifications:JCI and TÜV Rheinland and ISO certifications to start = Quality Assurance which is a concept yet seen on any other medical facilitator’s pages but the GHAs
Mitigate exposure to monetary damages through the sale of a properly developed insurance vehicle
Maximize client comfort by ensuring the availability of English-speaking providers
Ensure personal comfort levels are maintained for all clients

Provide English-speaking chauffeur service to limit client exposure to local taxi’s and buses while traveling to/from airport and appointments

Provide peace of mind to clients with transparency to the facilitator processes

Use highly trained, knowledgeable Client Service Reps
With the owner not only developing but visually inspecting them himself: knowing his system, its providers, its facilities – so he was not blind to a foreign process like other medical facilitators are.
Providing measurable value!

 Offer as many guarantees as possible (more than any other facilitator!)
 Never use hype – use facts - to ensure Quality Assurance:

Utilize the proven performers in healthcare – backed by the best certifications
Limit “false” pictures on the website – show real pictures of the local, the doctors and facilities

Lock-in dependable price estimates lasting 30 days to expiration with the guarantee of no hidden expenses or fees – ever
Be the “go-to” place for answers and medical tourism education
…and give the clients a process they can trust

It’s easy to market yourself as “the best” while also offering “the best”, but it takes a lot of hard work to actually deliver such a superior service.  The Global Health Alliance is, however, off to a great start because they’ve partnered with the first affiliates that, through quantifiable and qualitative review, to be at the top of the medical tourism industry.  The GHA couldn’t exist today without its partners because without proper certifications, an assurance of Quality Assurance, could the GHA follow its vision and fulfill its core values.

The GHA Core Values

Set the standard!

Ensure a process of integrity

Respect and empathy for our clients and their needs

We also strive to partner with worthwhile causes, and this is why a percentage of all GHA profits goes directly to support the Wounded Warrior Project.  Please see a personal message from Mr. Persinger about this affiliation byclicking here.

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