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At the Global Health Alliance, we have one philosophy, which is also our pledge to our clients:

Always provide the best customer service experience in the industry, minimize all risks associated with cross-border medical and dental care…and do it all on a foundation of sincerity, compassion and empathy.

Because of our pledge, guarantees are part of what we offer at GHA, which is an additional way we minimize risks to our clients.  Pay close attention to these guarantees as they are not duplicated by any other medical facilitator and set the GHA far above their competitors:

We guarantee that our cost estimates will be provided to our clients absolutely free of charge and that the quoted fees are fixed for a 30-day period from the time they are received.  There will never be a change to pricing unless the client requests changes in the suggested treatment.  This means that our clients will incur no extra costs over what is quoted, unless by their desire(*).  If, however, additional charges are requested by the hospital, clinic or doctors – and paid by the client after consultation with a GHA Client Service Representative – as long as those charges are not a direct result of additional services requested or added later by the client themselves – the GHA will immediately refund the difference (up to $300) to our client upon their return once proof of the fee expenditure is provided.

(*) Complications of any sorts during surgery, or during the post-operative stage, may incur additional fees as deemed necessary to preserve life, limb, or patient well-being by the attending surgeon(s) or physician(s).  This primarily occurs in the presence of dangerous complications which may occur with any procedure.  Note that non-reimbursable, additional costs will occur for the patient/client if additional treatment is required in order to address such unforeseen complications.  The additional costs will arise if the attending physician(s) deem it in the best interest of the patient/client to provide additional treatments or procedures, and such treatments and charges will be discussed with the client, if possible, prior to occurring.

2.  Price matching (up to $300 difference): If a client finds an identical travel offer on or (no more than 7 days) before the day of booking with us, with a different medical facilitator offering a lower-price, GHA will match that price (up to $300 difference) if the client books through GHA. To take advantage of this offer we require a copy of the competing cost estimate and treatment plan with a item by item cost break-out (such as what GHA offers) at least three days before the day of booking through us, along with a link to the web-page with the available offer and a copy of the counter-offer as well, sent to us by e-mail to:

a. Note that an “identical offer” means:

Identical quality hotels (GHA utilizes 4 and 5 star hotels)

Must also utilize a JCI-approved hospital (GHA utilizes only JCI certified facilities)

Identical procedures/treatment plans

3.  Procedure success is guaranteed for procedures costing up to $5000.  If such a procedure is not deemed a success by the attending surgeon then the Global Health Alliance, or its affiliate member(s), will attempt to coordinate a solution between the involved parties to resolve the issue – this being done with the goal of providing the highest level of satisfaction to the client.  Example: a hair restoration fails because the client’s body rejects the implanted hair (which happens in rare cases).  After the failure is validated by the attending physician, and is not deemed to be caused by negligence on the part of the client, the GHA team will coordinate a solution between the client and the hair restoration team, and will offer an additional hair transplant to the client, at no additional cost, to attempt a correction of the damage).  This guarantee is, however, has a limitation of “up to” $5000 due to the complications which may arise on costly surgeries such as organ transplants or other complicated surgeries where the surgeries may be naturally rejected by the body.

4.  If for any reason the client wishes to cancel their treatment or surgery prior to it beginning, they may do so and pay no penalty.  This is to guarantee their peace of mind and complete comfort and in the case the client loses confidence or trust in the care provider(s) – a key tenant in the GHA philosophy.  There is NO penalty for cancellation, and since no money will be paid up front it keeps the client in complete control of their finances.  It must be noted, however, that neither air fare nor hotel expenses can be reimbursed, nor will the cost of any other service be reimbursed if it was utilized (e.g. completed lab work must be paid for).  Note: since services began through our affiliates in 2008, no one has yet redeemed this guarantee because our clients have never lost trust or confidence in our affiliate medical or dental staffs!

Additional guarantees outside of the GHA purview:

1.  It should be noted that successful Hair Transplants are guaranteed by the hospital itself for 25 years!  Some people believe this is impossible or some marketing trick, but anyone who has studied hair transplants in a serious manner should know that donor hair is permanent (if not damaged through negligent treatment or rough handling).  It does not fall out or fade with time as our normal hair does so this guarantee should be an industry standard for hair transplants – though it isn’t.  It is for this very reason that sometimes our previous clients come back for a second hair transplant, because they continue to lose their original hair while the transplanted hair stays in place, creating gaps or hair in their scalp which need to be filled by more donor hair.  This anomaly is discussed during person-to-person consultation with our hair transplant experts.  Yes, this guarantee is quite a serious offer!

2.  The dental implants our clinic uses have a 10 year warranty because only top quality products and materials are used in their fabrication.

3. Certain dental procedures have a 5 year warranty provided by the dental clinic utilized by the GHA.  More information on this subject may be discussed by our dental team during a personal consultation.

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