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Digitizing medical or dental X-Rays:

Click here to learn how to easily digitize dental and medical X-Rays.  Sometimes X-Rays are required by our doctors in order to provide a more accurate treatment plan and cost estimate.  Emailing such records, of course, is the best form to get them into our hands as well as transferring them electronically to our medical or dental teams.  It should be noted that not all clients will be asked to provide digitized records and this only affects a small percentage of clients.

Attaining Medical Tourism Insurance:

Click here to learn more about specialized Medical Tourism Insurance.  As Risk Managers, the Global Health Alliance advocates the use of this special insurance when undergoing most procedures.  Clicking on the provided link will explain the value of transferring risk to an insurance provider and help make sense out of the necessity for insurance.  More than just damages suffered through unforeseen complications, it provides excellent travel insurance as well (plus more!).

An Istanbul Hotel Overview:

Click here to learn more about which hotels are utilized by the GHA in Istanbul.  The first thing most clients want to know is where they will be staying once they arrive.  While GHA Reps make the arrangements for their clients’ accommodations, we’ve still provided an overview of the hotels we prefer to use – pictures provided.  We use only the best…


As always, the GHA Client Service Representatives stand ready to answer any question regarding any part of the medical travel process.  Please feel free to call us toll-free at 1-844-4ADMIRE (844-423-6473), write to us using our web email by clicking here, or send us a direct email at

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