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We work exclusively with the best hospitals and teams in the world in order to be able to offer our clients highly affordable, safe and reliable medical care.  We have screened our associated hospitals to offer our clients access to doctors and surgeons who are credentialed in their own country, hospitals with the best and safest track records, all with coveted international and U.S. credentials.

Our medical teams and centers are continually monitored by the JCI, TÜV, and we are also part of the Global Health Alliance Network - to ensure our providers’ certification level, and therefore guarantee their quality level is always superior.  This allows us to provide our clients with a safe, lower risk and satisfying experience.

What elevates our team above other Medical Tourism Facilitators?

What separates our MTF team from others is our dedicated focus on managing the risk of our clients.  While most MTF companies focus on cost savings and foreign travel, our team focuses exclusively on lowering every kind of risk associated with medical tourism, providing both comfort and safety to our clients, coupled with very competitive pricing.  We also provide a level of transparency as to who we are and what we do – doing this in a way that few other medical facilitators companies, if any, can compete with.  All combined, the value offered by utilizing the the Cross-Borders team elevates us far above our competitors: nobody does exactly what we do – they may meet the standard – and we are a member of the Global Health Alliance Network because the GHA team has set the standard!

As prospective clients explore the pages of we ask that special focus be put into how the CBS team manages their clients’ risk, and just how our certified hospitals and processes bring many added levels of protection to our patrons – levels that are not offered anyone else. Clients may contact us directly by clicking here for our contact information.

  • We utilize only “American standards” hospitals – all facilities have JCI accreditation
  • Our customer service and previous clients’ satisfaction is proven – with affiliates and hospitals being TÜV Certified DIN ISO 9001: 2008 with a rating of “Excellent”.  Read more about this on our FAQ page.
  • Our overseas associates are customer service experts: TÜV Rheinland inspected and certified
  • Since 2008, our overseas associates have assisted thousands of clients receive quality care while many MTFs have assisted far, far fewer.
  • We operate with exclusivity: pre-negotiated prices with our affiliate clinics allows us to offer prices lower than any client who tries to negotiate directly with the same hospital – which keeps costs down: a benefit passed directly to our clients
  • All medical and dental specialists are highly educated, certified, and experienced in their fields with many of them being not only doctors but also professors of their craft – teaching others in their field
  • Complete transparency in our process with all questions being addressed prior to surgery
  • Private chauffeur service to and from the airport and between the clinic(s) and hotel(s)
  • While nearly all practitioners speak English, our own English, French and German interpreters are always available
  • We pre-plan each step to remove the element of uncertainly from our clients’ trip
  • The teams we represent have such a proven, successful track record that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee – setting us apart from nearly all other medical travel competitors

What the GHA offers

About Us

As a member of the Global Health Alliance Network - CBS was founded on the idea that medical travel facilitators should be more than just "super travel agents" - they should focus chiefly on managing all risks associated with receiving medical care abroad. We are a U.S. company partnered with a very experienced group of highly trained doctors and dentists operating in Istanbul, Turkey. We offer a FREE service, all while analyzing the associated risks of medical tourism, then lessening that risk by developing a medical tourism process that sets the industry standard. While other medical travel facilitators focus only on low pricing, we here at CBS focus on lowering the risks of its clients, ensuring their peace of mind, comfort, and a greater chance of success - and do so while maintaining a cost effectiveness to rival any competitor.


As a member of the GHA Network, we offer four Guarantees of Satisfaction while our affiliate members offer three additional guarantees or warranties. Read more about our Guarantees under our "Why Choose Us" menu. No other medical tourism facilitator company offers such guarantees.

Welcome to Cross-Border Surgeries!

My team is made up of professional Medical Tourism Facilitators (MTFs) and affiliate member hospitals and clinics and assists all people who seek affordable, high-quality surgeons outside of outside of the United States.  We have a commitment to providing our clients the highest quality service, with a focus on managing all risks associated with cross-border healthcare.  Unlike other MTF who offer to send clients to hundreds of different locations where they have never been themselves, we represent only hospitals and clinics within Istanbul, Turkey so we can maintain a relationship and oversight on their processes.  Why did we start in Istanbul?  Because our team meets the highest standards available in their fields, and that provides our clients with the teams having the highest level of training, certification and experience.  Our focus is managing risk and providing Quality Assurance in our process so our clients are safe and at peace in their healthcare decision.

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